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I am not what happened to me,
I am what I choose to become
"A Muslimah".



Walaykum Assalam!

Seerah resources, love the question mA :)

1 Seerah Podcast Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda is doing, perhaps, the most in-depth audio seerah study that’s available for download in the English language. I’ve personally been there when he’s preparing - he uses numerous classical seerah sources, has all of the books out, and is providing a comprehensive study from a lens that emphasizes spiritual self-development, family, and community. You can find the first session on the bottom of the page here, there are over 100 hours recorded to this point, and they’re still going.

2 Muhammad: Man and Prophet by Adil Salahi - probably the best English seerah book resource I’ve read. While most other biographies of the Prophet [saw] function more like an encyclopedia, this text has a narrative flow to it, telling more like a story, briefly pausing to highlight points of benefit.

3 In The Footsteps of The Messenger by Dr. Tariq Ramadan - a great primer on seerah, provides great insight and details into the life of the Prophet [saw] even though it’s more on the beginner side.

For the most advanced readers…

4 Zaad ul Ma’ad by Ibnul Qayyim (r) (d. 751H/1350AD) - Written on his journey to Hajj from Damascus to Makkah (all from memory!), this text is a wonderful example of how classical scholars viewed the seerah. There are numerous rulings extrapolated from it, but if you’re just looking for virtues and benefit without law (for whatever reason), then you can also find the nuanced stories and reflections IQ shares here to be amazing.

Seerah Ibn Ishaq by Ibn Ishaq (r) (d. 150-159H) - having lived so closely to the time of the Prophet [saw], and being from the earliest generations to follow. Ibn Ishaq (r) produced a work of biography on the Prophet [saw] that has been referenced classically by scholars throughout time in their development of their own writings on Seerah.

May Allah increase our desire to learn and emulate the Prophet [saw] and our love for him. Ameen!

Your brother,